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Welcome to Health Global News Matrix. I am a politics major with a specialization in diet and nutrition. A lot of people say that politics majors don’t know anything, but I am hoping to change that perception. One of the most important things in the world is good health. I am fortunate to be born in the United States where health access is easy, well, of course not as easy as it is in Canada or in England but a lot easier than it is in Africa, for example.

I have access to clean water, and food is readily available. A friend of mine was very ill a few years ago and she is not from the United States or from Canada. She is from a country in Africa. I met her when I was studying abroad there during my final year in University. I heard she was ill from a mutual friend and since then I have heard nothing from either of them. I worry that she was not taken care of the way she should have been. I worry that she is no longer alive. And that all of this is because of a lack of healthcare in her country.

In my own home and in my own city, some people have access to healthcare but that healthcare is not always accurate. Pharmaceutical companies strive to make money off of the poorest of the people, and often times even if there is a cure to our illness, that cure will not be provided to us because it is easier and more beneficial for the companies to deny us that knowledge so that they can continue to make money off of our predicament..

This is a disgusting unethical practice must be stopped. Okay, now I’m just rambling, but you get my point. I suppose I want this to be a network, a place that is safe and full of accurate information. Information is rarely factual, but I think it is important that we have some sort of speculation and criticism. Why can’t we trust the information that our government gives us? Why is it so hard to find a cure to a disease that has been haunting us for years? Maybe the cure has been found, and they just don’t want to tell us because it would not be lucrative any longer. Enough speculation, let me welcome you to this website where I hope to share news, reviews, helpful facts, that will help better your health and teach us about how health practices work around the world.